Neuroscience and Success - The Story of Henry Molaison

Neuroscience and Success - The Story of Henry Molaison

Henry Molaison was the man without memory An article about the most famous patient of neuroscience. The night Henry Molaison died The night Henry Molaison ( died, there was no time for mourning. When Ph.D. Suzanne Corkin (head of the Corkin Lab, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Principal Investigator at MIT) learned that Henry had died, […]

How NeuroWisdom101 by Mark Waldman helps you

  Neuroscience a tool for Stress relief? The biggest impediment to productivity is stress. Ironically, striving for more productivity actually causes more stress, and more stress hinders your productivity, leaving you in a vicious cycle. Stress can be really destructive and is the cause of various physical and mental problems. Most people prescribe medicines for […]

The Neuroscience of Weight Loss

When the Soul makes you Fat Neuroscientists discovered that obesity starts in your brain. Stress and anxiety are two of the major causes. Another important factor is your feeling of self-worth. In this post, we will look at a few facts, go to the root of the problem and find solutions. As you all know, […]