Are you motivated by fear or love?

Are you motivated by fear or love?

Are you healthy? Do you live a fulfilled life? Are your relationships healthy and respectful? And how about your job? Are you doing it out of love or out of fear? Have you ever thought about it? In life, we make decisions all the time. Often we find it difficult and our head is spinning: […]

10 Videos for Time Management, Motivation, Goal Achievement

101 Tips This video series compliments the comprehensive guide that you can find here: 101 TIPS Three ways to recapture your motivation [tcb-script data-cfasync="false" defer="" type="text/javascript" src=""][/tcb-script] 10 Top Tips for Setting Powerful Goals [tcb-script data-cfasync="false" defer="" type="text/javascript" src=""][/tcb-script] How to Achieve Any Goal that You Set [tcb-script data-cfasync="false" defer="" type="text/javascript" src=""][/tcb-script] How to Master […]

101 Quick Tips for Motivation and Reaching Goals

A complimentary video-series comprising of 10 "Quickies" for productivity, motivation and goal achievement is available HERE I put together a comprehensive list of 101 tips to motivate yourself and achieve your goals together. They are sorted into five sections: Tips to motivate yourself - Tip 1 - 20 Tips for Building Your Self-Discipline - Tip […]

Positive vs. negative Motivation

Why positive motivation is better for your brain I just scrolled through my LinkedIn news feed and noticed plenty of negative quotes. You find them on all social networking sites.  Motivation is the sum of motives for our readiness to act which means our pursuit of goals or targets based on emotional and neuronal activity.  […]

The weight of life – A Short Story

A short story A student walked over to the wise old man. “Sir,” he said with a slow voice, “life is a heavy burden on my shoulders. It pushes me to the ground and I feel I will collapse under the weight.” “My son,” the old man said with a warm smile, “life is lightweight […]

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