How to avoid fighting on Christmas

How to avoid fighting on Christmas

Do we lose all Empathy around Christmas? Martha is looking forward to the holidays. Every year, she starts to prepare early. From the finest decorations to recipes that tickle your taste buds in the most delightful way: Martha takes Christmas seriously. What she loves most is that it's the only time of the year when […]

The weight of life – A Short Story

A short story A student walked over to the wise old man. “Sir,” he said with a slow voice, “life is a heavy burden on my shoulders. It pushes me to the ground and I feel I will collapse under the weight.” “My son,” the old man said with a warm smile, “life is lightweight […]

Interview with Don Kerr

"The person, not the persona". Canadian Writer, Don Kerr, asked me for an interview to learn about the private person Aurorasa. If, and only if, you want to learn more about me, you can read the interview here. About Don Kerr A brand creation, development, and marketing communication consultant with 30-years of relevant experience […]

When Words become Weapons

How to spot manipulation Words have a lot of authority, and they change our brain. Negative words as well as positive words. Currently, our society is brutalizing. That makes it even more important to keep in mind the power of words. We are living in times when hate speech becomes socially accepted. We hear words […]

Stay True To Yourself A**hole?

Keep it real? “Stay true to yourself” is great advice. Or not? Does that apply to stalkers, child molesters, psychopaths, sociopaths, liars, intriguers, thieves, drug dealers? Hmmmmmm Are liars, intriguers, and thieves aware that they are scheming and fraudulent? Or do they put lipstick on the pig and convince themselves that they have legit reasons […]

Self-Esteem: Do Your Own Thing

Accepting my unique self I was at a crossroad. In front of my eyes, I saw two very different scenarios, two very different visions of how my future can be. Not an easy decision. I relocated from Germany where I spent most of my career in sales. I have done very well. The niches I […]

Why the World is not getting Worse

2017 Update: We must keep in mind that progress is not a linear process.  After a year of terrible attacks and crisis, many people have the feeling that the world is getting worse. But is that really so? Here is my year-end speech for you: (; An article I read today and my FB newsfeed inspired […]

The Four Candles - Short Story

An Advent Story Four candles were lit on the Advent wreath. It was so quiet that you could hear when the candles started to talk. The first candle with a sigh of resignation said: "My name is Peace. My light shines, but the people do not keep the peace." Her light became smaller and smaller […]

Heaven and Hell - Short Story of a Samurai

About Heaven and Hell A very aggressive and combative samurai once asked a zen priest to explain to him what heaven is. And what hell is. The wise priest replied scornfully: “You are nothing but a bully, I do not waste my time with the likes of you.” The samurai felt insulted and disrespected. He […]

4 Myths about the Brain

Brain Facts or Misconceptions? 4 Myths about the Brain Despite new scientific findings, myths are tenacious. Partly because new information takes a while to find their way into the media and the public eye. Maybe sometimes we want to believe them and do not care to dig into complex issues. The following 4 myths about […]