6 Signs You're Immature

6 Signs You're Immature

If there's one thing that is sure in life, it's that we age. However, getting older doesn't equal getting more mature.
Recently, Don contacted me. The reason his former employer gave him for firing him is that he is too immature. Don asked if I could help him to "grow up." I admit that his inquiry caught me by surprise. However, I get it.
The behavior that makes us the coolest, most sought-after kid in school, doesn't work later in life.

Finding your Inner Peace

Bursting the bubble An event throws us off course. It can be something as small as a canceled appointment or something existential, for instance, a dangerous disease, job loss, or the end of our marriage. Some people's mood changes if their favorite soccer team loses or the weather is dreadful. Most of you can relate: […]

A short story about seeing

  The students had watched the master for a while before one was curious to know which form of meditation he practices every morning in his garden. The master replied: "When I look carefully, I see the cherry tree in full bloom" One of the students asked: "But why does one have to look carefully […]

How to avoid fighting on Christmas

Do we lose all Empathy around Christmas? Martha is looking forward to the holidays. Every year, she starts to prepare early. From the finest decorations to recipes that tickle your taste buds in the most delightful way: Martha takes Christmas seriously. What she loves most is that it's the only time of the year when […]

5 Tips To Stop Whining

How you can stay positive and stop whining We're not always positive. Influenced by society, experience, upbringing, and exposure to the news, we go through life. Yes, we try our best, and we want to be happy. Always. But roadblocks and exhaustion can make it difficult, and every so often we enter the vale of […]

Guided Breath Meditation for Stress Management

  5 Minute Stress-Management Meditation The paradox about stress and stress-management is: The more you feel under pressure the less likely that you feel like taking out an hour of your day for self-care (even though you know you should). Not only are we endangering our mental and physical health and put ourselves at the […]

How to not self-sabotage

In this 20 minutes video, I have put together for you practical tips that will allow to take your first steps towards self-case, self-love and putting an end to self-sabotage. Let me know if you like the video format. Check out my mindfulness and coaching specials HERE

Mindfulness To Go

  Mindfulness to go Mindfulness is the new trend to release pressure and prevent job burnout. A basic idea and purpose of mindfulness is to focus on what matters in life, but it is often the esoteric chic of burnt out managers. Self-awareness is a powerful soft skill that helps us break free from traditional thinking and […]

Symptoms of Depression

It is now 20 years ago that Steve jumped from the rooftop of the office building in Frankfurt, Germany. My colleague AND friend, Steve (Dr. Steve R.), was an extraordinarily good Management Consultant. Even though he did not speak German, his expertise and sincere interest in supporting clients made German companies overlook that fact. No […]

HUGE Mindfulness Gift Set + Infographics

UPDATE: Currently, this free offer is not available. Please check out our current free offers HERE   It is my pleasure to announce that I have created the most complete free mindfulness set for you. Mindfulness Infographics Also, here are some new infographics for you (original size: download with right-click):