A short story about seeing

A short story about seeing

  The students had watched the master for a while before one was curious to know which form of meditation he practices every morning in his garden. The master replied: "When I look carefully, I see the cherry tree in full bloom" One of the students asked: "But why does one have to look carefully […]

5 Tips To Stop Whining

How you can stay positive and stop whining We're not always positive. Influenced by society, experience, upbringing, and exposure to the news, we go through life. Yes, we try our best, and we want to be happy. Always. But roadblocks and exhaustion can make it difficult, and every so often we enter the vale of […]

Guided Breath Meditation for Stress Management

  5 Minute Stress-Management Meditation The paradox about stress and stress-management is: The more you feel under pressure the less likely that you feel like taking out an hour of your day for self-care (even though you know you should). Not only are we endangering our mental and physical health and put ourselves at the […]