Ancient wisdom for modern leadership – Amor Fati

Ancient wisdom for modern leadership – Amor Fati

We're always on the hunt for new knowledge. If we attend a seminar and the speaker shares content we heard before, we're bored. We might even get angry. "Tell me something new!"

Gratitude—The Underrated Leadership Skill

How should a brilliant leader be? Strong, assertive, a visionary, self-confident? Yes, maybe, but there’s more. An important skill we often overlook is gratitude. Gratitude a leadership skill? “Be grateful for what you have!” Wow, that sounds like a mix of Zen and advice from your grandmother. However, gratitude never goes out of style. Gratitude […]

5 Tips for Leading Teams

Leading teams means leading people with different temperaments. Opposite to popular belief, a person without leadership skills can become a successful leader, if they train and develop skills they lack. Don't play the authority card “Because I tell you…” Maybe you heard these or similar “arguments” back in school. We should not make this mistake […]

Do you have potential for leadership?

A leadership role requires a different skill set, and also mental strength and the ability to deal with pressure.

We made an assessment that can help you to find out if you have what it takes to be a successful leader.

Ancient Wisdom for modern Leaders: The rotten Apple

The common interpretation is that the basket of apples is an analogy for your beliefs, opinions, and perspective.

It’s possible that one or more apples are rotten. Who cares, right? Does it matter if there’s one rotten in a mass of healthy?

Yes. It matters. Decay is like an infectious disease and if you don’t remove the foul apple, it might infect the healthy apples around it.

We can’t look at beliefs and opinions isolated and separate from each other. They are connected, one is built on the other and a single wrong belief poses the risk to spread its falsehood within our belief system.

LOVE – FIX – EXIT A Leadership lesson from IKEA
Ancient wisdom for modern leaders – The Curse of Experience
Alfred Herrhausen - A Leader Ahead of his Time

Germany´s Most Powerful Manager Broke Taboos   Ph.D. Alfred Herrhausen (1930 – 1989) was a leader way ahead of his time. He was a German banker, and he polarized the German nation as well as the banking sector. In his lifetime, he had numerous critics. He was considered arrogant and cold—nothing could be farther away […]