To make an impact increase influence

To make an impact increase influence

If you want to leave the world a better place then you found it, you have to be able to change your environment. Influence is a transfer of emotions that leads people to take action and even do difficult things. Empathy allows you to connect authentically with people, get where they are coming from and […]

Why manipulation is better than its reputation

We want to be in control and make free, independent decisions - guided by rationality and with a clear mind. It's not surprising that manipulation has a bad reputation. It calls on emotions and clouds the senses.  But sometimes manipulation can seduce us to a better life. I recently came across a Pinterest account that […]

How to influence without authority

Susan is the head of development of a medium-sized IT company. She is very well respected by her colleagues and the CEO. Not only do they ask her for advice regarding all questions about IT development, they also seek her advice regarding countless other questions. The marketing department listens to Susan when they're evaluating new […]