Hooray to judging others!

Hooray to judging others!

Why you need to be judgemental Many influential speakers, coaches, and teachers tell us we should stop judging other people. Is that realistic? Judging is our basic instinct Our natural fear of being judged is nearly as strong as our instinct to judge others. Making a judgement or establishing expectations we have in others doesn’t […]

Are you in love with failure?

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.”  — Epictetus What do you hear when you read this quote? Popular media outlets suggest failing is the best learning lesson. Some folks sound delighted when they share about things that didn’t work out. One might feel ashamed to admit a super win […]

Success Is Learned Through Failure

Success is not a matter of coincidence, luck, or misfortune. Success is learnable. And every setback, every mistake, every failure can be an important step on your road to success. Being Successful (Mis)Step after (Mis)Step Sources of inspiration 3 Steps to success Be always prepared to fail. Or better: to fall. To fall forward. Finding […]