Letting go of anger and fear with the Sedona method

Letting go of anger and fear with the Sedona method

When a burdensome thought wears you down Martha is retired. She has trouble walking so that she hardly leaves the house anymore. She feels trapped even though she has an apartment in the middle of a capital city. Her neighbor is home all day too. The problem is that, according to Martha, he makes a […]

8 Hacks For More Confidence

Confidence is self-trust. How far we trust ourselves decides about our results. A former trainer of mine, Lester Karrass, famously said: "In business and in life - you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate." The less faith you have in yourself, the weaker will you negotiate. You will settle for little. […]

Boost your feeling of self-worth

Project Confidence is available now "I want more from life! I would love to be stronger. More daring. I want to be myself. Not afraid of doing my thing. I want to be open to people. And, hey, while we're at it: I want to be more at peace with myself. I want to just […]