Solving conflicts through nonviolent communication

Solving conflicts through nonviolent communication

How to get your point through peacefully During a confrontation or a discourse, communicating kindly but assertively can be a challenge. It’s as much about how we say something as it is about what we say. A simple method can help you speak peace in a world of crisis and conflicts, non-violent communication. Deceased psychologist, […]

The scream

The scream is the loudest in your head and for individuals close by.
But maybe the people you want to reach can’t hear you.
In a sea of screamers, perhaps it’s worth cutting through the noise thoughtful and purposeful.

Are you a horrible conversation partner?

Do you know wonderful people who just have one mistake? They are not fun to speak with. They might mean well but sound like downers, self-centered, uninterested, negative or even annoying. Maybe you will find that one or more behaviors apply to you? In that case, don't fret, you will find a remedy at the end of […]

The man who could not small talk

 The man who could not small talk A fairy tale There was a man who was a fabulous public speaker. When he was at the podium, the crowds went ballistic. You could see how comfortable he felt to speak in front of all of those people. Hundreds, thousands, the crowds were loving him. But, you see, […]