Did the executive coaching industry fail?

Did the executive coaching industry fail?

The dose makes the poison Terms like authenticity, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and empathy are trending. We want to optimize the way we communicate; we wish to be mindful; we intend to grow and become more efficient and productive. Companies spend billions of dollars each year on sales- and management training. Often, executive coaching focuses on […]

Personal Development Coaching BS: Signs your Coach is incompetent

Today I received one of these invites again: “Join the biggest list building event of the year.” Hundreds of personal development coaching people group together to collect as many email addresses as they can. While it is understandable that we want the chance to speak to YOU, it should always be done in style. And […]

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding Emotions

Understanding emotions and everything related to emotion is often confused for "overly emotional" or even weakness. I invite you to learn why knowledge of emotions is a powerful success- and happiness skill. Understanding Emotions People with a high EQ can understand their emotions, the sources of their emotions (and those of others) and they are […]

How to make a difficult decision

Very difficult decisions Sometimes we are at a crossroad in our life where we have to make a difficult decision. Should I start my own business or stay where I am? Do I want a baby or focus on my career? Should I cut the salary of all employees or fire 10 people? Do I stay in […]

5 Tips To Stop Whining

How you can stay positive and stop whining We're not always positive. Influenced by society, experience, upbringing, and exposure to the news, we go through life. Yes, we try our best, and we want to be happy. Always. But roadblocks and exhaustion can make it difficult, and every so often we enter the vale of […]

Winning the Game of Money 2017 Review

Is Brain-A-Thon 2017 worth your time? For those of you who do not know John Assaraf's "Winning the Game of Money" and the complimentary annual "Brain-A-Thon": At the end of this posts are links to articles that share details about the training and former Brain-A-Thons. You have every right to be a skeptic (just like […]

Subliminal Brain Entrainment Affirmations

Available now: Subliminal Brain Entrainment Emotional Intelligence and Subliminal Brain Entrainment Business https://www.braindiamonds.com/subliminal   Listen to a sample of my new EQ Brain Entrainment Album HERE  

Happiness in the NOW - Mindfulness

The hunt for happiness Do you remember how your stomach tickled when you bought your first house? Went out with the Lady of your Heart/Prince for the first time? Our hearts beat faster when something we have been longing for finally becomes reality. Nothing stands between you and ultimate happiness anymore. The extraordinary becomes commonness […]

What is a Success Coach?

How you benefit from a Success Coach A Success Coach helps you to successfully implement new beliefs and habits that will result in goal achievement. Success blockers are being analyzed and eliminated. You could also say your brain activity and mindset is being optimized. Opposite to traditional coaching forms, a Success Coach uses a holistic […]

How To Make More Money (Realist Version)

Making more money is simple Money is the green we all are following. It buys us freedom, health, beautiful things, and a comfortable life. While not everything you can do to help others has a price tag, even helping others can become easier when you´re financially comfortable. Those green Benjamins are a currency. In former […]