Do You Want To Search Or Find?

Do you want to search or findWhen someone buys a book or attends a training class often they will later say: "I did not learn anything new." "I knew all of that." Some people get even annoyed when you tell them something they already knew. "Tell me something new."

And when you ask "So...are you using the knowledge?" they look at you with that puzzled look. Most people perceive only things that are new to them as interesting. The danger is that they never dig deep into a topic.

Even worse. Repetition is the mother of learning and this way the knowledge will not be turned into skills. Some just collect wisdom in form of written words, books that they don´t even look into.

It´s useless if you do not convert wisdom into knowledge and knowledge into skills.

To train means to deal with a topic or technique over and over again. To learn, experiment and repeat until you mastered it.

A master is not someone who knows something but someone who can do something.

The same applies to happiness and contentment. We cannot change our life for the better if we are not willing to train new mindsets, habits, ways of thinking. It´s not good enough to know what would be right for you. To take advantage of it and advance you have to do it permanently.

Who is closed to repetition because it´s too boring will probably only scratch the surface and never master any art. Especially the art of happiness.

Whenever I meet people who just like a butterfly fly from one thing to another I ask myself: Do they want to search or do they want to find? Has the search become their objective instead of their resource? Did they get lost in search?

If you have the tendency always to hunt the next great thing,  but you are not happy with your life situation you can tell yourself something like: "If I constantly hunt for news I cut myself off from progressing. For the next 90 days (that is how long it minimum takes to retrain the brain) I stop searching and make use of what I already found. Starting today, I train, learn, and use what I already know".

What would happen if we used what we already know?

We become Master instead of Searcher

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