Growth mindset versus fixed mindset

growth mindset fixed mindset

Did you know that every successful person fails 1 time out of 6? Growth mindset versus fixed mindset

It happens to all of us. Somethings things get difficult. We feel like we want to give up. 

What happens from here on is decided by our mindset. 

Him with a fixed mindset wants to look smart. He might be intelligent or not - that is the status quo. 
The one embracing growth has the desire to learn. He will get more intelligent because he is eager and open to learning. 
"Fixed mindset" feels browbeat by the success of others. Open for growth you take inspiration from the success of others, you learn and improve. 
Not surprisingly, the fixed mindset gives up easily when things get rough. 
The mindset that is set for growth will push even harder. 
While someone with a fixed mindset cannot handle criticism well, the person with a growth mindset will use it to improve and get better. 
While one fears challenges, the other one embraces them. One never fails - or wins. 
Probably the most important differentiator: 
Someone with a fixed mindset will consider time and effort invested in learning and developing skills as a waste of time. 
Someone open to growth will embrace the opportunity to grow and get even better. 
We just have to remind ourselves that life is not always a pony ride. For all of us. The difference is how we handle rough times. 
We all fall from time to time. We are in control of if it is a "fail" or a "fall forward". 

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