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Build your confidence and increase your feeling of self-worth. For life. 

  • Yes, I am afraid. But I'll do it anyway. Because I can.
  • Yes, I believe in myself.
  • Yes, I have confidence in my abilities and my ability to learn new skills as needed.
  • Yes, I deserve the good things in life.
  • Yes, I matter. I am important too. 
  • No matter what happens I can handle it with poise. Because I am strong.

These are typical thoughts of someone with self-confidence.

Is that how you think too? 

And if not: How would your life be different if you would think like this? What would be better? Which projects would you tackle? What would you dare to do?

Nothing else has such a huge impact on our quality of life like our feeling of self-worth and our confidence. A low feeling of self-worth and confidence is a constant success blocker. 

If we don’t have confidence in ourselves, neither will others. If you don't trust yourself, why should I?

We will make so many negative experiences that pain overshadows everything. If we have confident expectations, and a healthy feeling of self-worth, we will get the good things in life way more often.

You know what I’m talking about: love, recognition, self-realization, abundance, inner peace...

And then we are also able to enjoy the good things without shame. We can allow ourselves to indulge in them. Because we firmly believe we deserve them.

If you want to create a better life for yourself, increase your feeling of self-worth and self-confidence.

“In business and in life, we don't get what we are worth-we get what we negotiate.

People without self-confidence ask little from life and they get little. 

It's time you renegotiate with life!”

Aurorasa Sima

We can do more than we think

You know what's funny?

What we believe we can achieve typically has nothing to do with our actual competence and skills. In reality, we can do much more than we think. Most of the time, we are unaware of our potential. Or we refuse to focus on our strengths and ability to learn.

We prefer to focus on our weaknesses. We don't want to come across as conceited. Often, we only realize how much we can if we are standing neck-deep in mud. Then we are forced to act. We don't have a choice and we cannot indulge in the luxury of considering if we believe we can or not. In retrospective we are proud and say: 

"Wow, I didn't think I could do that. But I did!"

Imagine you could tap into this power at all time. 

That is exactly what you will learn in Project Confidence.

My defined goal is that you can tap into your power, your braveness, and assertiveness at all times.

Going through life strong and self-confident, knowing what you want, standing up for your needs and handle the hindrances in life with grace. That is what we will train. It's about your inner strengths. About your self-trust, your feeling of self-worth and self-confidence.

Is this project for you?

Check if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • Yes, I would like a better relationship with myself
  • Yes, I would like to accept myself
  • Yes, my lack of confidence limits my success
  • Yes, my inner critique often keeps me from trying new things and get new projects on the road
  • Yes, I would like to be braver
  • Yes, I would like to believe in myself and my value
  • Yes, I want to become independent of the opinion of others
  • Yes, I wish I would be kinder with myself
  • Yes, I would love to handle failure and errors better
  • Yes, I would like to believe I can achieve any realistic goal 

If you nodded once or twice, this project might be for you.

Gain self-confidence and increase your self-trust and feeling of self-worth

Your feeling of self-worth plays an important part in defining your inner strength. Your feeling of self-worth has a huge impact on your level of happiness and life satisfaction.

It makes sense: if we have a low self-opinion, how could we be happy?

Self-worth is a central factor for a powerful and good life. If we like and love ourselves, it's so much easier to handle difficulties and turn them into learning experiences. 

This is why you will receive a lot of tips, exercises, and methods that allow you to learn to treat yourself with more kindness.

You can look forward to this one of a kind self-coaching course.

This course is not for everyone!

You should know this training is not for everyone. It's not yet another course where we throw a pdf at you and tell you to reach for the stars. This is not how coaching works.

Project Confidence is a training program. That means you actively have to try many new things. You will do exercises. You will take small steps and increase your abilities and skills. Exercise by exercise, you will increase your inner strength and your feeling of self-worth.

That will be a lot of fun and also gratifying. BUT it will be hard. It will require discipline. Turning knowledge and skills and changing your habits requires learning and repetition. If you see it through, the quality of your life, relationships and your level of success will increase for the rest of your life.

I have created this course to cheer you on, motivate you and support you to see the training through. You will see that I've been very creative and considerate to give you a tool that enables you to transform. 

We're in this together and Project Confidence supports you for 100 days!

The best training will not work if you are not willing to put in the work. This is why it is so important that you hold yourself accountable. Not everyone can or wants to do that, and that's ok. 

If you are not serious about making changes and putting in the work, please do not book this training.

Self-coaching courses are ideal for those who have self-discipline and persistence. If you have neither of these your better off with personal coaching. In that case, please book personal coaching.

Can training be fun? Oh yes, and this training is fun!


Okay, so what exactly is the content of this self-coaching course?

Honestly... A lot! (:

Some you might have heard before, but never used them systematically.

Other concepts will be brand-new for you. Especially one thing differentiates this project from a book or a seminar:

This self-coaching course is a real training and coaching program.

Yes, one part is to understand ideas and how they play together. That is an essential part but doesn't lead to more self-confidence and a better feeling of self-worth. If you already read a few books on this topic. You know that yourself. Your feeling of self-worth and your confidence probably didn't grow very much.

It is not about knowing something. It is about mastering it. It takes time and training to implement the knowledge into your life and turn it into skills. A life-changing transformation can hardly be achieved by reading a book or attending a two-day weekend seminar.

Real transformation requires practice. Or do you know of someone who learned how to ride a car by reading a book? Everyone understands that it doesn't work like this.

In the same applies to increasing your self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.

This is why this self-coaching program provides you with "the book" and hands-on driver training. 

The main training comprises 10 parts delivered over the course of 10 weeks. You receive a new part each week.

Implementing new habits means changing your brain. That takes a minimum of about nine weeks but for some, it can take up to 12 weeks or longer.

In week 11. We offer an additional, free five-week course set. You can decide if you want to participate for another five weeks.

If you accept this offer, there will be no additional charges.

The extra five weeks are a free offer in which we repeat what we've learned during the first 10 weeks. For as long as you need until you have turned the ideas and methods from your self-coaching course into skills and mastered them.

Your investment

You probably think we'll charge you thousands and thousands of dollars for all the value you're getting. 

We want to help as many people as we can to get better results in their career and personal lives. Therefore, we made this training VERY affordable. Your only investment is a small fee of  $147, (Yes, we're serious.)

You probably had your fare share of broken promises, fancy sales pages, and training that didn't help you to get better results. How should you know you can trust us and we will not betray you like so many others? We're offering a FREE 3-day trial because we know you will see the first results in instantly. 

What are you waiting for? You have everything to win and nothing to lose!

How you will turn knowledge into skills

Module 1 - Jumping on the train

First of you will learn how this training works. You will build the essential basis for self confidence and self-worth.

You will also begin with simple exercises that will already increase your self-confidence.

Module 2 - The spiral of success

Module 2 teaches an essential skill: You will learn how to ignite your very own spiral of success. The spiral of success is a process that allows you to increase your self-confidence every day a little.

It is about proving to yourself how much you can do.

You will learn how that works exactly during the course. One thing upfront: the system is so simple and effective that you will ask yourself why you didn't use it for all of your life.

Module 3 - Know your worth

Week 3 is about your feeling of self-worth. You will learn what exactly that is and from which sources it feeds. 

And you will train your feeling of self-worth and increase it. 

Module 4 - Grow your worth

This week we continue to train and increase your feeling of self-worth. 

One of the most important factors for self-worth is self-acceptance. 

What self-acceptance exactly means and how you can implement that into your life and fully accept yourself is the topic of this week's module.

Module 5 - Two pillars

You learn the art of constructive self-talk. This skill allows you to pull yourself out of nearly every emotionally stressful situation. 

With this technique you also train to be mindful with yourself and self-kindness. 

Both are pillars of increasing your feeling of self-worth. 

You can use this technique to deal with self-doubts and to motivate yourself. 

It helps you to assimilate and work though disappointments or just maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and outlook on life. 

Module 6 - Self-image

It is scientifically proven that there is one central difference in the self image of people with a healthy level of self-confidence and people who are not confident.

This week you will learn the central difference and how you can change your mindset radically.

Once you installed this new mindset into your brain nothing can stop you. (:

Module 7 - Earn your trust

Self-confidence as a matter off your mindset and your attitude. But not just that!

To develop a stable and lasting self-confidence, you have to prove to yourself that you deserve your own trust.

How can you earn your own trust? By proving to yourself that you can do it. How is that working?

Bisecting small goals. At first, and more challenging goals later that allow you to prove to yourself that you can hit your goals.

That builds up faith in yourself and the confidence: I can do that. I can. I'll manage it. Because if you have proven to yourself 20 times you can do it why would it be different the 21st time around?

This is why it is so important that you learn how to set good and realistic goals and achieve them.

And this is the topic of week seven: you learn a scientifically proven method that will allow you to achieve nearly every realistic goal.

This method is fundamentally different from what you commonly learn in the goal-achievement and success sector. 

Module 8 - The "impossible" dream​

You will continue to sharpen your goal achievement skills in week eight.

Only this week you will choose a goal you failed to achieve in the past. Achieve this goal with the new skills and knowledge from week seven.

Module 9 - The possible dream​

It's time to learn another skill of winners: resilience.

This means the ability to handle crisis difficult circumstances and setbacks in a positive, effective way.

You will learn about your resources.

And the skills and strategies you are already using to handle difficult situations and deal with hurdles.

You will learn how you can further strengthen and build them.

Module 10​ - Last and always

In week 10. You will build a solid fundament for your future.

You will learn how you can further increase your self-confidence after the course has ended.

You will develop an air tied plan that will allow you to step-by-step increase your inner strength.

This is a brief outline of the material will work on through the 10 weeks. Your self-coaching includes much more but I want to keep some hard secrets and surprise you along the way.

The goal of the self coaching course is not to provide as much new information as possible. The training focuses on the most important and most effective ideas.

It is much more effective to know five excellent approaches and methods you can use every day, then knowing 25 approaches you never will halfheartedly use.

It is about turning information into knowledge and knowledge into skills and train until you master those skills.

How does this course work exactly?

After you signed up, you will receive login data for our online training center.

For 10 weeks every seven days a new training unit will become available. Your course material contains a lot of important information, exercises, and impulses.

Our distribution schedule, forms, and exercises make sure it's easy for you to see a training through and achieve the greatest benefits.

The self -coaching course is built and structured in the way that best allows you to implement what you're learning into your daily life and turn it into real life skills.

Once a week you will receive an additional email, a spirit email, that motivates you further. The emails might contain use cases, examples, inspiring quotes or useful ideas. 

That way, it will be so much easier for you to stay motivated and continue your training. 

As you probably know from your own experience: Reading a book (even less a PDF) does not help much to turn knowledge into skills and help you change your brain. 

How does Project Confidence work exactly?

For 12 weeks, you receive new study material each week that will allow you to build up your self-confidence and your feeling of self-worth. 

The course material includes

  • interesting knowledge units
  • step-by-step exercises and tasks
  • mini-workshops where you will gain insights or create plans for action
  • questions that allow you to reflect
  • training material, for instance, forms, posters and cards.

The material is available through your membership site. Computer, mobile phone or tablet can be used access your membership site. 

Certain files will be available in PDF form so you can easily print them out. 

You receive lifetime access and all future upgrades/updates without additional costs. 

 More facts about Project Confidence

  • You receive lifetime access to the member portal 
  • It includes all future upgrades at no extra cost
  • Every module (except for modules 10 and 11) contains the equivalent of 10 - 20 pages. Sometimes more, i.e. when we include forms for you
  • The weekly lessons are precise and on point allowing you to work through them smoothly
  • Examples make it easy for you to follow
  • We point out the typical self-coaching "traps" people fall into and how you can avoid them

The course material is available electronically through our membership portal. Some forms come as PDF files so you can easily print them out (you'll need a PDF reader but most browsers can open PDF files.) 

To sum things up: 

  • Each week you receive access to a new module and a spirit email. 
  • You work though the material, exercise and build your self-confidence, inner strengths and increase your feeling of self-worth.

As simple as that!

How can you get in?

 All 12 modules + complimentary 5-week extra training + lifetime upgrades + lifetime access are available for a onetime fee of just $197.

That's the cost of one hour of personal coaching.

If you don't love it, you can request a refund at https://aurorasa.com/support within 14 days - no questions asked. 

The only thing I ask: Do try it for 10 days. 

Investing in yourself

In all honesty, I was hesitant to publish this training. Not because it's not good - it's fantastic!

But because people with a low feeling of self-worth and a lack of self-confidence are the worst buyers. 

Why is that so?

If you are confident and feel you deserve all the good things, investing in yourself and your skills is not a question. 

But if you feel like an imposter as if you're not good enough - or perhaps you're full of self-doubt ... it is significantly harder to invest in yourself. 

I put this training out there because I want everyone to thrive and be happy. 

Invest in yourself! You deserve to grow and become your happiest self!

What we will achieve

  • You grow during the training and face the world with more self-confidence
  • You become more confident in your abilities and can see AND grab the opportunities out there
  • You look into the mirror and love who you see
  • You are braver. You're less afraid and what you believe is possible is much more
  • You can handle setbacks and hurdles life throws your way because you are mentally stronger, more positive and confident
  • You're able to handle stress. Pressure and stress don't phase you as much anymore

You have become this strong rock that knows what he's worth and how he can achieve his goals.  

The tools that will get you there

  1. Extensive 10-week training for more self-confidence and increasing your feeling of self-worth
  2. Detailed step-by-step instructions make sure ​you can implement what you learn and use it in your daily life
  3. Each module contains forms that help you through the exercises and make them easier for you
  4. Each week you receive new impulses that support you in staying focused and motivated
  5. A complimentary 5-week training you can book in week 11 (no extra costs)
  6. A dedicated email address where you can send your questions
  7. Q&A session
  8. A set of helpful tools in week 12 (including brainwave entrainment, meditation training)

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