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Finding inner peace.
Feeling sheltered.
Feeling secure.
Feeling at ease. 


That is what we desire.

For some this means to stop overthinking and learning how to relax.

Others wished they could let go of their need to micro-manage their projects to death.

The next person might long for an hour of stillness and meditation.

Do you wish sometimes that you would feel more at ease? Or that you could navigate through life with poise?

Maybe you are calm and relaxed most of the time-until something happens.

There's always something

Other project members don’t deliver their work on time.
You’re in debt so badly that you can hardly breathe.
The cleaning lady didn’t say "hi" back.
Your daughter started hanging out with a really bad crowd.
After a long day at work, you come home to a partner who can’t wait to start a fight.
You’re stuck in heavy traffic. Again.
Your son seems distant lately and he doesn’t talk to you anymore-unless he wants money.
Your flight is delayed and you won’t catch your connecting flight.
You’re diagnosed with a severe disease that turns your whole life upside down.
The kid of your obnoxious neighbor received an electric guitar for their birthday.
Your boss hired McKinsey and you can’t stand these “smart …consultants”
Your wife started the journey of self-discovery. Turns out his name is Matthew and she leaves you.
This and many other things destroy our inner peace. 

There's always something and we're not in control.

What exactly happens if something goes wrong?

How do we react to crisis, bad news, when we're worried for the safety of our children or our work stresses us out?

There’s no general answer to this. Because everyone is different. For one person, it’s a catastrophe when the car breaks down and they’re in a bad mood for days. The next person calls the towing company and forgets all about it a few hours later.

Maybe you can relate: Something doesn't go as planned and you feel totally exhausted. It might be a small matter another person considers trivial.

You don’t feel about a situation just based on the situation itself.

Other emotions play into it.

Why does one person stay calm and the next person loses their cool?

One simple reason.

We feel what we feel because we think what we think. In other words: Our thoughts are why we react differently. 


What does that mean?

Let’s use a simple example, even though the same principle applies to severe problems just the same:

It’s pouring outside and you’re angry. You wanted to go fishing. You wished the weather was nicer and you want the sun to shine. And that’s totally understandable.

Something messes with your plan. That is aggravating.

When we are angry, we're angry because the reality is different from how we would like it to be. We can’t influence every part of our reality, i.e. the actions of other people or the weather. We feel helpless, vulnerable and at the mercy of third parties or higher powers.

This is not a big problem if it’s just about a hiking trip. However, we also face more severe problems.

What if the pain is unbearable?

Matthew’s wife has cheated on him. She packed her black suitcase with the pink handle and left him for her personal coach.

I don’t need to tell you that Matthew is desperate.

This is a more severe situation than a rainy day but our feelings form in the same way.

Matthew is desperate because he is struggling with reality. He wished he could turn back time and undo his mistakes. All the times he neglected her. He just wants to take her in his arms. Ask her how her day was. Wake up next to her in the morning.

But there’s just emptiness.

And that is the reality. Many of us are on war with reality. If you fight reality, you’ll always lose.

Wishful thinking and hope are not a strategy.

The security "we made it" and nothing can throw us off track is an illusion. Most of us are just one cancer away from needing help.

That might sound brutal because we're used to self-denial and denying reality. For effective self-management and self-leadership, we have to be honest with ourselves. Acceptance is the road that leads to inner peace.

If you're not ready for that, you can stop reading right here because this project is not for you.

We feel what we feel because we think what we think

Well, now you know it. My sentence makes for a fabulous social media quote but it doesn’t help you.

You might feel even worse once you know you’re responsible for most of your suffering and anger because you’re thinking pointless thoughts.

What could help?

Accepting Reality

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We need something like a universal tool. A surefire way to reshape our thoughts.

Many moons ago, I went on a search for a such a tool. And I found it.

I tried a lot and experimented until I finally found a powerful method that was everything I was looking for.

A method that...
works because it allows us to change what causes the difficult emotions: our thoughts.
Helps us to regain balance and feel safe and protected again. Even when life throws curveballs and everything is chaotic.
The method is called “The Work.” Maybe you have heard of it or maybe you have even tried it.

“The Work” is based on findings from cognitive psychology. It has been developed by Byron Katie. Many people have already achieved great success with this method.

Project Inner Peace

This method is the universal tool we’re looking for because it is highly effective and applicable to every situation.

I have worked with “The Work” for a several years and tested it in different settings-for resolving smaller problems and severe problems.

However, I learned that most people found it hard to use. When left alone, people develop insecurities, they have a lot of question, and they require guidance until they mastered a new skill.

It is difficult, even impossible for most people to learn this method by just reading a book.

Knowing what you should do and being able to do it are two different pair of shoes.

Based on Katie's work, we developed a training project that leads people to their goal-step by step and exercise by exercise.

Learning comes from doingProject Peace helps you to accept reality without suppressing your feelings and without letting them ruin your relationships, well-being, and success. You will learn to let go of thoughts responsible for painful emotions and feelings of anger.
You stop ruminating, worrying and learn to let go of other counterproductive feelings.
You develop poise.
The quality of your relationships improves.
You'll feel better overall.
Also, you enjoy reduced stress-levels and become a master at self-management.
In one word: You find inner peace

7 DAY UNCONDITIONAL Money Back Guarantee

How does this project work?

The duration of this training is 10 weeks. That is the amount of time your brain needs to remove neural pathways that don’t serve you, form new ones; that is how long it takes to implement new habits.

We take you by the hand. At any point in time, you know exactly what to do. We guide you with the help of simple "doable by you" steps and you will never feel alone in the dark.

Training leads to measurable results. You can hold yourself and me accountable because you will document your progress.

Examples and my step-by-step approach make sure that everyone who is serious about change is able to achieve their goal.
However, this training isn't for everyone!

This project is a serious training, not an entertaining read. You'll have to invest 20 - 60 minute once a week plus 5 - 20 minutes every day for your learning.

Mastering a new skill is the result of practice, not theory.

The reward for sticking to the training schedule is that the Project Inner Peace method will become an automatism and you neither have to train nor think about it any longer because your brain replaced old behavioral patterns with new ones.

That means: less frustration, anger, disappointment, and pain.

And it means: more poise, inner peace, and feeling good about yourself.

On this journey, you will learn a lot about yourself.

Please do not book this training if you're not ready to face the music and put in the work. If you know about yourself that you lack self-responsibilty, you should book personal coaching instead.

7 DAY UNCONDITIONAL Money Back Guarantee

What you'll get

If you join us on this journey you will receive a new module every seven days for 10 weeks. The module contains your course material, many exercises, learning material, and impulses that make sure that you can implement what you have learned into your daily life.

Change is easy in the beginning difficult in the middle and rewarding at the end.

We know when people typically develop resistance while they are in the difficult phase of change and we got you covered.

Will send you motivating emails with additional example, inspiring quotes or ideas that make it easier for you to stay on track. It’s a completely different story than reading something in a book.

Here's what's included:

A 10 week training program that teaches you to release stress, anger, disappointment and other difficult emotions. Delivered via our online training center.Detailed, doable by you step-by-step instructions that allow you to turn what you have learned into usable skills.A Q&A service that allows you to ask questions at any point during the 10 weeks should you have trouble understanding something.

There are no upsells, cross-sells, or other marketing tricks you might be used to. Everything you need to achieve the results outlined above is included in your one-time payment of only $97.

7 DAY UNCONDITIONAL Money Back Guarantee

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