Discover why becoming an Aurorasa Coaching Partner is one of the most sustainable ways to generate massive profit

At Aurorasa Company, we develop programs to help individuals, corporations and small businesses to increase their emotional intelligence and eliminate success blockers that are stopping them from achieving their highest potential and level of happiness.

Our specialties are Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Flexibility, Social Skills, Mindfulness & Empowerment

Mark Goulston

Dr. Mark Goulston, aka "The People Hacker" is a world-renown thought leader and the no. 1 listening-skills expert.

He next went on to train FBI and police hostage negotiators. He has since expanded his work to “Hacking Genius” and speaks and teaches internationally.

His company, The Goulston Group, is hired by Founders, CEO's and Boards of Directors to help them create a “gotta have it!” response to their services and products.

Aurorasa Sima

Aurorasa Sima is an Emotional Intelligence Trainer, certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach and Executive Coach, and Executive Coach. 

She supports The Goulston Group as an emotional intelligence specialist and partners  with Mike Bosworth Leadership. 

Aurorasa has worked extensively in both enterprise and personal venues. Raised and educated in Frankfurt, Germany, she brings an international perspective, heart, and pragmatism to interactions. 

4 Ways how we add Value to your audience

  • Hot topics make for a huge and growing market, and we offer unique concepts combining access to a real coach and optimized digital training.  We offer powerful free virtual events, giveaways, educational series and more to provide value to your audience and convert them into our paid programs.
  • You can treat your audience to training by Aurorasa Sima and her partners, such as Marshall Goldsmith, the number 1  leadership thinker, legendary sales trainer Mike Bosworth (Solution Selling©) and Dr. Mark Goulson. the world's number 1 expert in listening and one of the world's leading experts in empathy.
  • Generous commission, 2nd tier, lifetime. You will receive 35%—50% commission for all digital training programs sold through your referral and 5% of all sale of approved sub-affiliates. Your cookie never expires. Our training ranges from $100 for a simple online-training to $ 2,500 for our leadership development offers (keep in mind that the price is per person and we serve groups and corporate!) We'll even pay 10% commission if your referrals book any of our services (i.e. Keynotes with Dr. Mark Goulston, on-site training:)
  • We care for Quality, both in the choice of our partners and quality of our training. Our business is coaching, not online-marketing, and our priority is that your audience achieves incredible, measurable results. That means trust stays intact and leads to a high customer retention rate. 

These people will be the most responsive to our offers:

  • Individuals wanting to overcome old thoughts, fears, habits, beliefs, and patterns that keep them from having meaningful relationships
  • Companies who wish to increase sales, reduce the stress level of their employees and build stronger, more productive teams
  • People who have suffered from failure and setback
  • Executives who aim to learn how to lead without authority and motivate their teams to new heights
  • Clients who have purchased your training but haven’t been able to transform
  • Business owners who want to grow a financially successful business
  • Anyone hoping to attract more business and close more sales People working in a career seeking greater opportunities and advancement
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to be in the top-field in the area of their expertise