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"I want more from life! I would love to be stronger. More daring. I want to be myself. Not afraid of doing my thing. I want to be open to people. And, hey, while we're at it: I want to be more at peace with myself. I want to just say: I'm ok the way I am, no matter what others think."

Does that sound something like you?

In my personal coaching sessions, I have the honor to serve people from different walks of life. If I had to define a common nominator, it would be a lack of confidence.

Many of the problems of humankind relate to a lack of self-trust. It can be a manager who plays the authority card or someone who does not even try to demand the “good things” from life.

Confidence and self-esteem opposed to common belief are not the same, even though they are similar. We can have a healthy amount of self-esteem, but still lack confidence.

There is a lot of truth in the old saying: “Be careful what you ask for – you might get it.” That has to do with our feeling of self-worth and relates to confidence.

Dangerous feeling of self-worth

The goals you pursue have to be in line with your feelings of self-worth. Else you might put yourself in danger.

If we get over 10% more or less of what we feel we are worth, it leads to concerns. While we become frustrated if we get what, we feel, is less than we deserve, getting more can be outright dangerous.

Have you ever wondered why lottery winners, Hollywood stars and other people who became rich and famous overnight engage in destructive behavior?

Many lottery winners end up impoverished in a short time and the number of Hollywood stars with mental issues (depression, anxiety, phobias …) and struggles with drug abuse is shocking.

But why?

Simple. They received more than they felt they are worth, and it's messing with their brain. Therefore, they engage in compensatory or even compulsive self-destructive behavior.

Ideally, we possess several traits:

  • self-awareness (realistic self-assessment)
  • confidence (trust ourselves, have faith we can grow)
  • self-esteem (positive self-picture, self-love)
  • problem-solving competence
  • a sense of self-care (treating yourself like a good friend)
  • the ability of self-acceptance (knowing and accepting who and how we are)
  • authenticity (being real)
I have put together information on how you can improve each factor. You can read the detailed article here: 8 Hacks For More Confidence

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