8 Signs You Are Emotionally Mature

8 signs you're emotionally mature

Emotional maturity and stability have nothing to do with your biological age. Some are emotionally mature at a very young age, others never are. The term describes people that are centered, not self-centered. Someone with a grounded character, emotional intelligence, self-confidence and often (but not necessarily) a fair share of life experience.

The 8 signs of emotional maturity show you how far you have come and where you still have the potential for improvement.

You don't worry what others might think about you

In the past, you often worried about what others might say and think about you. Now you only care about the opinion of people who love, respect or support you and want to see you succeed. In other words: You're open to constructive feedback but have removed toxic people from your life.

You accept support

Nobody is an island and everyone needs help from time to time. You used to think asking for help means admitting weakness and should be avoided. However, over time you have learned that it's a sign of faith and trust. Nobody can do it all.

Admitting to yourself and others that you need help and accepting that you can't do everything alone is not only a sign of emotional maturity but also helps you grow.

If you're emotionally mature, you know how to let go

Most of us are afraid of heights and the unknown. The idea of jumping into a dark hole without seeing the bottom is terrifying. It's difficult to let go and not knowing what to expect.

To think that every moment of our past was better than the present hurts our soul, figuratively speaking. It makes it impossible to let go of what doesn't serve us anymore. We're panicking and the dark whole looks like the abyss that's going to swallow us.

Emotionally mature people know that life is much better when you're free. Therefore, they let go what isn't part of them anymore, and what doesn't want to stay with them. They know that clinging to the past only prolongs our suffering and keeps our wounds from healing.

They're not heroes but they don't wait until another door opens to close a door.

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The emotionally mature person understands that life is not a "make-a-wish" event

We have all been hurt in the past. Many of us spend a lot of time on regrets and wishing they could change the past. Like a time-traveler that takes a second shot with the learned knowledge.

However, whether we like that some events are out of our control, or that we're unable to comprehend a few things doesn't change the fact that they are.

A huge part of our suffering is not related to the present but fearful thoughts about the future and not letting go of our past.

Emotionally mature people are able to accept that they cannot always control their surroundings. They're able to accept things they cannot change and focus their energy on changing those they can.

You have few or no difficult relationships

That doesn’t mean you have no conflicts in your relationships. What it means is that you argue when it’s necessary and helpful but you’re not looking for fights. 

You don’t feel you have to “win” every argument and discourse is about winning and losing. Your ability to emphasize with other people and take into account where they’re coming from helps to minimize the number of unfruitful discussions. 

Also, you have removed people who need drama and fighting from your life. That said, you are good at de-escalating and talking with impossible people. 

Accepting yourself is a sign of maturity

The paradox of change is that to change we first have to accept ourselves. People who understand this know that whining and staying in your comfort zone doesn’t get you places. 

More action and less whining is a sign of emotional maturity. 

Emotionally mature people do not shy away from brutally honest self-as they know it’s necessary to learn which areas of their lives they want to change. Also, they don’t beat themselves up for being imperfect or making mistakes. 

We’re all a work in progress. Realizing and embracing this fact helps us to create positive change. 

You’re happy if others succeed

People who are emotionally mature are happy when they see someone else succeed. They don’t compare themselves to the successful person and they don’t envy them. 

We understand that someone else worked hard to achieve the success, level of skills or what else we admire. 

You’re authentic

What you show on the outside is in line with how you feel inside. The times when you put on an iron vest and a mask are long gone. You’re natural without mistaking authenticity for rudeness or not following social etiquette. 

You learned to trust the process and have faith in other people. Yes, you know that it’s possible you might get hurt. However, you also know you’re able to heal. 

Because you’re self-aware and “happy in your skin,” you enjoy alone-time as much as being around people. You’re not afraid to be alone with yourself. 

Your emotional maturity allows you to take control of your life and realize your visions. Your definition of success is your own and not someone else’s. 

Being emotionally mature turns life from a chore into a pleasure!